Saturday, July 7, 2012

First post in over a year.

Hey guys. So it's been ages since I last posted. Over a year! Wow. So many things have happened this past year, and I'm so excited to share it with you.

At the time of my last post, I had moved in with my friend from school and was happy. Then one of her friend's moved in, and things got a little less great and a little more...crappy. But, I was still happy. I started my first year in the Library Technician program at my university, which was fun.

In December, I met this wonderful man online. We started talking at first, and then we met in person and started dating. After about three months of dating, I moved in with him. All the way across another province to an island! And on June 27, he proposed and we're now engaged!! -smiles-

On the fashion and beauty side, not too much has happened. I did chop off a LOT of hair around the beginning of May. I think I cut off about a foot of hair. I'm still not used to it but I'm just hoping it grows out.

At the moment, I'm planning to start filming videos and vlogs for YouTube. Which is awesome and exciting! If you guys have suggestions, requests, or anything related to being a YouTuber feel free to comment here, or tweet me @natashapouliot!! I welcome all feedback!

Anyways, I'll leave this post here for now, and I will see you all soon!

Love and kisses, Natasha!