Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rambles on a ridiculously hot night.

So. It's mid September right now. I think I last posted in January. So, that's a total of about nine months since I posted last. I swear, I'm so bad at this. I don't even know why I have this blog. Oh, wait! I know. Because I like having a place to spout all the random things in my head.

One of which is this: why on earth is this September so warm? I come from northern Alberta, which in case you don't know, is usually cooling off by this time of year, and the first snowfall hits about late October, usually around Halloween. I moved out here in March 2012, and even having lived here for almost exactly eighteen months, I still haven't quite adjusted to the temperatures. So, this is still kind of new to me. Yesterday - it got up to 31 C, and I'm sure today will have been just as warm. I sort of feel like I'm melting. But, I guess this is just an excuse to have a nice cool bath, and read a good book.

Speaking of good books: last week, I got the new book from Sherrilyn Kenyon - Styxx. For those who are fans of the Dark Hunter series, you most likely already know about Styxx and why it's so important to the series as a whole. For those who might not, I'll give a brief rundown of the series as a whole. So, the series is a paranormal romance series. Which means vampires, werewolves and gods, oh my! *chuckles* It's a highly interwoven series, but, you don't need to read all the books in published order to be able to understand it. I certainly didn't, and I fell in love quickly with it. The Dark Hunters are a group of immortal warriors created by the goddess Artemis, in order to fight and curb the race of "vampires" known as Daimons. The latest book, Styxx, is a sort of companion book to Acheron. They are both major books in the series, and if you're only going to read a couple books from the series, you should read those two. I got the last copy of the book in my local bookstore, and I read the entire book - all 800 and so pages - in about six hours. Which is on par for my normal reading speed. Which, according to my fiance, is a little scary.

Now, I could ramble on about what I've been doing these last months, but honestly, I haven't done a whole lot. I read a bunch of books, read a TON of fanfiction, listened to music (obviously, lol!). Which is basically my every day list of activities.

You know, every time I say "activities", I think of Step Brothers, and the scene with the bunkbeds and whatnot. Makes me laugh. *smiles*

So, what's coming up in the future? Most likely a lot of the same things I've been doing. But, I do hope to get more into blogging, about pretty much everything. Read a book? Do a review post. Buy something new in the makeup/nail polish category? Do a review post. Try out a new recipe? Blog about it.

Speaking of book reviews...I do think I'll start that off with reviewing Acheron and Styxx, together, as they should be. Which should be fun to write about.

So, on that note, I'll end this post here before I ramble on too much longer. I hope to be back within a few days with a lovely review of those two wonderful books.

Love you all, and talk to you soon! <3

Monday, January 21, 2013

New Year, new choices.

Jeez. I really need to post more on here. But that is neither here nor there.

It's now 2013, and that means New Year's Resolutions. Everybody says they'll make them, and follow them, then by the middle of January, they've forgotten them, and don't work on them. I'm TOTALLY guilty of doing this. Every year I make some, and then I forget about them, and then by the end of the year I make a big deal about making new ones for the next year.

My resolutions this year are: try to lose weight, become more confident, and, take better care of myself (body, skin, mind). So far, I'm doing well with the taking better care of myself. I've been walking at least thirty minutes, three times a week. It makes my legs hurt, I'm breathing heavily at the end, I'm covered in sweat; but it's worth it. I'm by no means a healthy person. I eat too large portions, I don't eat enough healthy foods, and until the beginning of this year, I avoided exercise like the plague. And that has resulted in me being overweight. So, this year, I'm making a conscious effort to lose weight. And my walks are hopefully helping. I've been noticing my jeans are fitting a little more loosely around my hips.

Which leads to helping with my next resolution - trying to become more confident. I've always had low self-esteem and that has led to some issues in my life. And this year, I'm doing things to help me see the beauty that I have. So, I'm going to start making beauty videos on YouTube. It's been a dream of mine for a few years now, and I'm going to put it into action.

Another thing I'll be doing is the Bedroom Beauty Challenge from Louise at SprinkleofGlitter.

Participating in it is easy as pie! I'm sure we all have beauty looks we're a little apprehensive about trying out in public - I know I do! So, try that look in the privacy of your own bedroom. No one can see if you push outside of your comfort zone; experiment with glitter, colour, different looks than your normal choices. I'm sure that once you try it, you'll see that it looks great on you, and that will help you feel more likely to wear it outside of your house.  And if you don't like it, that's fine too. You don't have to like everything you try out. That's why we keep trying new products, new looks. So if you do try this challenge, feel free to post your picture in a comment or on Twitter, with the hashtag #bedroombeauty.

So, I'm ending this post with another picture I came across online a few months ago that I feel fits this post. Outward beauty is great, but having a kind and loving heart and soul is just as important.

Love you all!!
~ Natasha